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Download full version pc games free

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Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed is the gateway to simulation race games the world over. Released in the later half of 1999, this game took everyone’s breath away for its high detail to car behaviour and control. The graphics in the game are nothing less than extra-ordinary. The game gives the player the choice to drive nearly every model of Porsche that the company has made. The incredibility of the game is the cars itself. The cars were studied down to its inricate deatils in terms of driving mechanics. Every Porsche behaves highly close to its real life counterpart. The premise of Porsche Unleashed remains largely the same: Driving and racing sports cars. However, the game only offers Porsches as racing vehicles. The cars handled more realistically than any other Need For Speed games (including the first game in the series), and there is an in-depth catalogue of different Porsche parts that span throughout the years. Although the game inherited police chases from Hot Pursuit and high Stakes, the feature is relatively minor and is only seen in the Factory Driver mode (see Modes). In terms of game construction, Porsche Unleashed is most often hailed as NFS’s best collaborated effort to bring forth one singular car brand and amplify and deepen the depth of knowledge both on history and motor functions. It features historical videos and many pictures of old photos of Porsche vehicles. The Evolution concept was a hit for many people, creating many new Porsche fans due to the game’s high level of academia and depth of Porsche cars.[citation needed] The Factory Driver was also a different kind of unlocking, except to do with performing and excelling in certain slaloms, speed races, deliveries, etc.

Features :

• Over 80 Porsche models more than 50-year history of firm
• 9 of the European routes and 5 closed tracks
• 4-point fiz.model allows you to pass the behavior on the road each of the models
• 3D interior – view from inside the driver’s head motion passes
• Work with more than 700 details from the official catalog of Porsche

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

200 MHz Pentium
Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
4x CD-ROM drive
150 MB hard disk space
4 MB PCI or AGP video card with Direct3D support
DirectX 7.0a compatible sound card

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