Will Google Stop FeedBurner Service in 2013?‏

FeedBurner Closing?

There has been a lot of talk regarding FeedBurner recently. FeedBurner is a widely known email and RSS subscription service used by a lot of bloggers, chiefly because it's a free service. A couple or so months ago, many bloggers raised concerns when FeedBurner showed a subscriber count of zero for their blog. Since then, rumor has it that Google is shutting down the FeedBurner service in 2013 (probably for good, but we can't say anything yet). So is it true? And what would become of its users if it is? Indeed, the shutting-down of such a widely used service could prove to be a mistake on Google's part.

Well  from the looks of it, this rumor is only half true. The 'half-true' part is the keyword here though. Google is not completely shutting down the whole service. It has only shut down FeedBurner APIs. We'll talk more about them later in this post

Why Google Shuts down products?

To see if Google can really shut down FeedBurner, we first need to look at why Google shuts down products in the first place. A couple of months back, Matt Cutts uploaded a video, in which he discloses why Google will shut down some products. Long story short, there can be various reasons. The most obvious one is resource limitation. As big as Google appears to be, it still does not have unlimited resources. And if a project is consuming too much resource without replenishing them, then it has to be shut down.

Google will also shut down products that are outdated. For example, Orkut got outdated quite a while ago, so it had to be shut down to make room for the likes of Buzz and Google+.

So the next question is, is FeedBurner worthless to Google?

How Google sees FeedBurner?

Okay, first thing's first. FeedBurner is used by a lot of bloggers out there, chiefly because it's free. Given Google's excellent profile, it seems pretty unreasonable that they'd shut the service down. Now I am not claiming I know how they think, but one thing is for sure. If Google was to shut down FeedBurner without at least a fair warning (and we've seen none of those), then it'd leave a lot of bloggers pretty pissed off. Not that Google cares on whit about how they feel, but it sure would be a bad business decision, as there's a lot of competition out there, waiting for Google to make a slip so they could benefit from it.

Secondly, most of Google's services are free (like FeedBurner), such as Google AdSense, Blogger, Webmaster Tools, Google+, and so on. If they were to shut down one free product, it would cast a shadow of doubt over other free products as well, and the reliability of these products in the future would be jeopardized. After all, if one service can shut down, who can say the others won't follow suit?

So what is the problem?

Google has apparently ran into problems regarding the FeedBurner API. The first signs were when the feed count was reset to zero, even though no one lost a single subscriber. So only the counter had problems. Although this glitch was resolved, other back-end problems still remained. As a result, Google eventually decided that it didn't want developers using their its API after all. (Note: An API lets a developer interact with a program. He can use an API to get user data, call functions, and do other such stuff).

Hence, although FeedBurner is still working, its API has been disabled by Google. You can see this from the fact that your subscriber count on BuySellAds is not being updated if you're using FeedBurner. This is because the API is no longer to BSA for fetching user data.

So what's next?

Nothing much :P. You should be able to use FeedBurner (apparently) for now without any problems. But it would be a good idea to back-up your subscriber list from FeedBurner (we did a post on that recently).

You might also look into alternative solutions, such as AWeber, FeedBlitz, and so on. We will do posts on them soon, so stay tuned. And keep reading and sharing :)

How to Backup your FeedBurner Email Subscribers List Safely?

Backup FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a widely-used email subscription service, and unless you're on a premium service such as Aweber, chances are that you are using FeedBurner as well. For some, FeedBurner might be everything they need. But for more advanced bloggers out there, some premium services seem to offer a lot more features. And the fact that FeedBurner ran into problems a couple or so months ago doesn't go very well in its favor either. Whatever the case though, it is always a good idea to back things up. Whether you want to move your subscribers to another service, or you just want to make a backup, you will need to download your FeedBurner subscriber list. Here, we'll tell you how to backup your FeedBurner Email Subscribers list.
FeedBurner isn't so renowned with reason. It has many features to offer, such as subscription management, email branding, customizable delivery and communication preferences, and a lot more. You can view and sort your subscriber list, activate/deactivate and delete individual emails, and receive emails when people unsubscribe. Besides, it has the export option, so you can export your list to excel or .csv format.

Downloading your FeedBurner email subscribers

To start off, log into your FeedBurner account. FeedBurner previously had problems displaying subscriber counts, but it seems to be all right for most people now. Just click on the blog name for which you want to backup your subscriber list.
You will then be directed to a dashboard. Click on the Publicize tab in your dashboard.
Under the publicize tab, you will see an option for Email Subscriptions in the left sidebar. Once you click it, you will see some further options. Now click on Subscription Management.
Subscription management
Now, you can see the number of your email subscribers. When you first log into FeedBurner, what you see is the total number of your subscribers for both email and RSS combined. But what you need is just your email subscribers' list, and not RSS subscribers' list. On the Subscription Management page, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom, you will see the number of your Total Subscribers, which only counts your email subscribers.
total subscribers
If you click on the View Subscriber Details option (shown in the picture above), you will options to export the list.
Just click on Export: CSV, and you're done! You will be prompted to save a file, which contains all your email subscribers. You can do whatever with this file; either store it on your computer, or upload it to a cloud storage, your call.
In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to ask. Good luck :)

6 Ways To Optimize AdSense Ads To Increase Revenue

Yesterday, we talked about some things you should consider before starting off your blog in 2013, and in that, we discusses about some SEO-related things. For a lot of blogs out there, the major purpose is to make money, So today, we'll carry on the idea, and talk about Google AdSense. For beginners as well as advanced users, the start of a new year would be a good time to start thinking about your AdSense campaign. Are you making the most out of your ads? Now would be a good time to review your ad performance, and make changes accordingly. So here, we'll provide you with a checklist of 6 things you can do to optimize AdSense and make the most out of your ads.

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1. Are you utilizing your ad spots?

This is the first questions you should be asking yourself. AdSense won't allow you to add as many ad units as you like. But are you even utilizing all the ad-spots that it does allow? For every page on your website, AdSense will only let you place three AdSense for content units. These vary in size, so you can utilize the best possible locations your ads can fit in. But you can only place one 300x600 ad unit. Apart from this, you can use three text-ad units, and two AdSense for for search boxes units. Before placing all these ad-units though, take some time to consider whether you have a sizable quality content to ad unit ratio. It just doesn't make sense if all the ad spots have been used, but there is no actual content on that page.

2. Take a look at your ad sizes

Generally speaking, wide ad units tend to perform better than tall ones. For example, the 728x90, 336x280, and 300x250 ad sizes are usually the highest performers. You should try on multiple ad sizes, and find out for yourself what works best for you. The ad size should also correspond to the placement of your content. For example, a tall and thin ad-unit doesn't make sense within a written post.

3. Use text and images too

Usually, publishers just focus on image ads, and forget about the other options available. Adding text ads is a good idea as well, because they compete with the image ad units for the same space. Using a combination of text and image ads can help you earn a lot more.

4. Add search boxes

As mentioned above, image ads are not the only thing in the world. AdSense will allow you two AdSense for search boxes units per page as well. They let you place a custom search engine on your site to provide users with web search. And you might earn from relevant ads on the search results page.

5. Make your ad units accessible

Pay special attention to where you actually place your ad units. They should complement, and fit in with your content. And also, users should be able to easily identify and access them. Generally, ads should be above-the-fold. Google offers a lot of guidelines to help you place your ads.

6. Check out color combinations

Last, but not the least, use trial and error, and play around with various color schemes and ad styles. They can play a big part in how much revenue you earn. There are three strategies you can choose from. Blend, Compliment, and contrast. Compliment is normal placement, where ad units are used within content, and are distinguishable. Blending ad units into content means using the same colors, so that it is hard to distinguish the ad unit. Contrast means you use contrasting colors that scream out an ad-unit's presence. You can use any of those, as long as you follow the guidelines from Google.

That was it for now. Stay tuned for more on AdSense. For any questions, please use the comments section below. Peace :)

Important things to consider Before Starting Blogging in 2013

Blogging is becoming more and more common these days, and there's a blog for almost everything, from health and fitness to free software, and so on. And no wonder why. Blogging is one of quickest and easiest way to get your views or content online. And before you know it, you're immersed in a whole new world of blogging. You can use this blog for anything, sharing your life with friends and family, earning money, educating others, and so on. Indeed, blogging is one of the best ways you can earn money online. But a lot of people who start blogging don't know where to go, or don't keep a few things into consideration. Such things are all the more important right now for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog. Here, we'll try to list some of them.

Build up the motivation

Well, easy as it may sound, blogging is no walk in the park. This is something every blogger, especially beginners, should be mindful of. Nothing is easy in this world, and nor is blogging. The most important ingredients you'll need for blogging are hard work, will-power, and motivation. Without any of these, your blog will be just another existence online without real meaning, known by only a few people. So build up some motivation and will-power before you start blogging, because if you lose heart midway, all your hard work will be lost.

There's a lot of competition out there

Alright. The next thing you should know is, the world of blogging is jam-packed with people, eager to make money. There is a lot of competition out there. There's a blog about almost anything you can imagine. And they're pretty well ahead of the game, given all these years they've been utilizing to make their blogs better. So to have any hopes of rising to the top, you'll need to create unique, and original content. This is very important, because quality content is the key to any blog.

Can your blog survive?

If you're a newbie to blogging, and want to start off your own blog, then chances are, you are aiming for a small-investment blog. Such blogs only require a small amount of investment to run, and this includes hosting charges, buying templates/themes, and maybe a few premium plugins. This very blog you're reading is a small-investment blog. For low-investment bloggers, it is important to know that there are large corporate blogs out there, funded by, or managed by an entire organization, with dedicated a dedicated marketing team, managerial staff, and paid authors. In short, you don't just have fellow bloggers to worry about. Can your small blog even survive against such large blogs? For that to be possible, you will need to work that much harder on creating unique and original content, something which the readers would enjoy more.

Remember - no plagiarism

This proves to be the deal-breaker for most start-ups. Some people don't realize how serious an issue plagiarism is. They read something they like, and copy paste it on their own blogs, even if just for the sake of having something to share. What they don't realize is, there are lots of penalties involved. Even ad servers like AdSense will ban you for plagiarized content. Also, someone might report copyright violation, which will also land you into trouble.

no plagiarism

Be the good guy, not the bad guy

The web is filled with spam nowadays. auto-bots, spam links, plagiarism, article spinning, you name it. Before starting your blog, you need to make up your mind whether to be a good guy or a bad guy. If you want to be a good guy, you will have to let go of ever spam or bad practice. Avoid getting spam links, or setting up robots to spam other sites with comments. And for the bad guys out there, Google and other engines are out there to get them by introducing penalties and algorithmic updates. So if they are successful once, that doesn't mean they'll always be successful. Google will eventually take down such sites.

stop spam

SEO penalties - be prepared

In the past few years, Google has been implementing a lot of changes. So what might have worked a couple of years ago might not work out now. As I just mentioned, it has been trying to cut down on spam, and has introduced many updates and penalties. Shady, over-optimized, black-hat SEO sites have been penalized, and good SEO practices are promoted. So learn and implement them on your blog to stay on the safe side. Here's something that might help;
  • 20 Hot SEO tactics every blogger should know about.
  • 10 Great SEO tips for start-ups in under 10 minutes

Watching out for updates

Google rolls out algorithmic updates every year now. In the last two years, it released the Panda and the Penguin algorithms. These algorithms hit a lot of websites, and from the looks of it, will continue to do so unless you do something about. Therefore, as a beginner, you should look out for such updates, and learn to adapt to them. Here is how you can adapt to the panda and penguin algorithms;
  • Top 10 SEO strategies to protect your blog against Panda
  • How to recover from the Google Penguin update penalty?
SEO penalties and updates

Go social

Google is now putting more and more emphasis on going social, especially on Google+. The +1 and share buttons have already appeared in search results quite some time ago. And Google is now integrating everything together, so if you don;t have a Google+ profile, you might as well make one now.
Go Social

Work on your AuthorRank

We did a detailed series on AuthorRank. But I will mention it here nonetheless. Just like PageRank ranks webpages, AuthorRank will rank authors. Google+ profiles are essential for this. This way, spam will be reduced, and people who write quality content will rise to the top. It won't matter if they are beginners or veterans. And also, their AuthorRank will impact their PageRank. So start working on your AuthorRank, and create quality content. We have talked all about this in our series, which you can access from the following link.
What is AuthorRank, and how exactly does it work?
Google AuthorRank
Did you find this post useful? Do let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask questions here. Peace :)

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Area 51

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As one might expect, for this to be much of a game, something has to go horribly wrong; and indeed, it does. You play as Ethan Cole, a HAZMAT operative sent in with his team–a prototypically ragtag bunch–to assess some manner of viral outbreak within the walls of Area 51. After a gruff meet and greet with the local military personnel, you’re sent in guns blazing. What you end up finding is a horde of mutated soldiers, scientists, and other alien creatures wandering about the place, looking to infect and/or kill whatever comes their way. Oh, and there’s also a whole bunch of nonsense involving the Illuminati, psychics, those little bigheaded, gray-skinned aliens we’ve all come to know and love, and a whole lot of crazy conspiracies thrown in to the mix. But frankly, all that stuff is utterly incoherent, and it just gets in the way of you shooting more ugly mutants.


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