Dead Island: Ryder White Island: Ryder White 

Colonel Ryder,White of the Banoi Island Defense Force,mission is to help contain the infection that is spreading throughout this island, but it is also his duty as a husband to protect his wife, a doctor at the Banoi Prison. If the conflicts of my two priorities weren’t enough, his helicopter just crashed in the middle of the city of Moresby, and he is surrounded by the infected. He need to find a way out.. thus begin the journey..!Gameplay Screenshots


  • new perspective on the game’s events( seen as per the main villains eyes)
  • have all of the same weapon customization options at his finger tips, along with two new weapon blueprints that will be unique to this DLC
  • it’s up to the unique scenarios in the game, which appear to include a pretty stunning helicopter crash.
  • The new add-on will allow you to experience the zombie disaster of Banoi

Installation Notes:

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