How to Reduce site/blog Loading Speed Time?

A website or blog owner must take care of each and everything around his blog/site. For example, he must some often check the SEO of the website he is managing, he also should check whether his website is working fine in all browsers or not?. And he should take care of the design of the website. He always need to look around the user-experiences and should give respect to the visitors' comments and queries. There are many other aspects he/she must observe when running a successful blog or website because a single mistake or error can destroy the whole story. While the issue I'm going to discuss today is about the website's loading speed. Speed simply means the loading time when visitor is arriving on your site; if a website is loading faster in all browsers including internet explorer then it is always a great feeling for a webmaster. However, there are many blogs/sites which are not responsive to its visitors and they take too much time to be loaded. So this is the most important factor today also for SEOs.

We'll address how to check the loading speed of a website and how to make a website faster by reducing some extra things. Continue reading.

How to Do a speed test for a website?

Google loves those websites which get loaded faster and Google hates those sites which take  too much to load. So be very careful and take a lot of care of your site/blog's speed time. The minimum time for a website to be loaded is; five seconds, so make sure your site doesn't take more than eight seconds for loading. You can check your site's speed by using some great tools online, these tools will tell you about the loading issues inside your blog/site. So you can use them to know about the issues instantly, following tools are recommended:
There are hundreds more tools to test your site's speed, but to be honest, these two are the best and accurate in results. The first one is provided by Google and the second one is recommended by Google itself. When you enter your site/blog URL in the first tool, just click the Analyze button and within seconds you'll see the speed of your site/blog.

This tool will give your site a percentage out of 100 points. So if your site got greater than 90 points out of 100 then it's so good, but if you got less than 90, that's mean you need to work hard on reducing the loading time, however, if you got less than 70 points that's mean your blog/site is in serious troubles.

How to reduce the loading time of a site/blog?

Now when you checked out the speed tools and found that you need to improve the speed of your site then here is a list of my simple tips, which ensures the reduction of the loading time. So do implement them. 
  1. Always try to use JavaScript as low as possible
  2. Don't try to add a lot of useless Third party widgets like counters, calculators etc
  3. Don't use images from external servers, always try to upload the images to your own servers
  4. Try to use CSS instead of jQuery as much as possible
  5. Don't use more than 2 or 3 images on a single page if it isn't necessary
  6. Keep the home page as simple as possible and reduce the number of posts inside it
These were some absolutely simple tips which you can use to dramatically decrease your loading time. However, if something is missing in this tutorial then must let me know in the comment section. 

Note: actually I had to post the tutorial about creating a blogger template from scratch, but I didn't complete that, so Inshallah tomorrow that template which I've created from a blank page will be shared with you along with tutorial that how did I created that.

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