Verify Two Facebook Account With Same Mobile Number

Verify Two Facebook Account With Same Mobile NumberHi all users, Facebook in a social networking website. if you really think so ? No, it is not only a social networking website it's much than a SNS. People signup not only for to share their thought, idea, memories etc. but to cheat someone, hack someone and scam someone. Isn't it ? No matter what is the reason, but I know you have more than one FB account. But the problem arise when you signup for an account and after some time it'll ask you to verify your account by your mobile no. In case you don't have more that one number, or already created an account with the number that you currently own.

Don't worry  in today tutorial we'll tell you a simple trick to verify your two different Facebook account using one mobile number. Just follow the quick steps below to make it work :

1. First of all open your 1st account and deactivate it and logout from it.

2. Now open ur 2nd account.
3. Go to setting, click Mobile Tab and type your mobile number.
4. After some time you will  get the verification code.

5. Enter that code and save the settings.

6. Logout from  your 2nd ID and reactive your first ID.

Now you're done.


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