PHP Report Maker v6.0.0 Full Version Incl License Key Free Download

PHP Report Maker v6.0.0 Incl License Key

PHP Report Maker v6 Full Version - Is a software which is useful for webmasters to facilitate you in making the report PHP from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. By using PHP Report Maker you not only can easily create a report with PHP, still can make a report in accordance with the query you want. Software is designed for high flexibility and includes a variety of features which can certainly allow you to create a report with ease, for a PHP script that produced can be run on Windows servers (MySQL / PostgreSQL / Access / MSSQL / Oracle) or Linux / Unix servers (MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle).

Features PHP Report Maker v6
Export to PDF with Charts
Supports exporting report to PDF with charts. (Requires Flash support in browsers and FusionCharts extension for registered users.)

Export to Native Excel Spreadsheet with Charts
Supports exporting report to native Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) with charts as image. (Requires Flash support in browsers, PHPExcel and FusionCharts extension for registered users.)

Dynamic Selection List for Extended Filters
Parent/Child selection in Extended Filters

Searching Comma Separated Values with Extended Filters
Search comma separated values (e.g. "Red,Blue,Gray") with checkboxes or select-multiple selection list

Ajax Popup Filter
Popup filters are now loaded by Ajax. Page initial loading time greatly reduced for reports with multiple popup filters or with large number of distinct values in the popup filter.

Page Breaks for Printing
Page size setting for export. Insert page breaks to exported document for better printing.

Menu for Mobile Devices
Automatically detect mobile devices and use mobile menu to spare more space for content. HTML5 charts will also be used for mobile devices for better compatibility.

More Server Events

Page_Selecting - customize the filter to change the records to be selected for the report
Page_Filtering - customize the WHERE clause built from the filter and/or Extended Filters
UserID_Filtering - modify, replace or add filter so the user can access more or less records allowed by User ID Security
Page_Breaking - customize page break during export

Many More
  • Updated DOMPDF (0.6.0 beta 3) extension (reduced rendering time)
  • Updated FusionCharts (FusionCharts XT v3.2.2 SR5) extension (for registered users only)
  • Allow different chart renderers (Flash/HTML5) for charts in the same page
  • Sort order and filter clause for Extended Filters
  • Allow login by URL
  • Option to generate scripts without header and footer
  • Expand/Collapse filter panel automatically (if "Initiate filter panel collapsed" enabled)
  • Locale settings in language file
  • Email with TLS/SSL
  • Export to email with charts as embedded images
  • Improved filter panel default values
  • Improved compact summary only view
  • Summary report without grouping fields
  • Option to skip null and zero values when calculating summary values
  • Visible property of field object (for use with server events to show/hide fields)
  • Faster code generation by JScript engine
  • IIS Express as testing server
  • jQuery library included
  • Various other minor improvements
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