Parking Challenge 3D apk

Parking Challenge 3D apk
Parking Challenge 3D apk is one of the most downloaded apps in Play store and best category as a car simulation parking game. players have four different vehicles of a standard saloon and a large bus to drive and park. Sure, Parking Challenge 3D brings new features and changes in this release. Live scenes and realistic physics make the Parking Challenge 3D more challenging and playable. So we recommend you to update to the latest version if you have installed on your Android.

Developed and Design by Dualcarbon, Parking Challenge 3D is more difficult and only applications that are presented in 3D perspective. If you love driving and love challenges, you will definitely love this game.

The rules in Parking Challenge 3D is simple: All you need to drive and park your car steady and rapidly. It does not really matter if you are a novice gamer without a basic knowledge of the possible nature of the simulation parking genre. However, the rich and complex environments in Parking Challenge 3D apk that means you have to drive carefully and park.

To play the game, use the joystick to steer left and right, and press the brake pedal and accelerated. Using the joystick, you have to drive and parking four different vehicles, from a standard car to a bigger bus.

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Parking Challenge 3D apk

Parking Challenge 3D apk

Parking Challenge 3D apk

Parking Challenge 3D apk


CURRENT VERSION: Parking Challenge 3D apk v2.4
REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.0.1 and up
Parking Challenge 3D apk on android market

With its real features, and you have to drive through twists and turns to park your vehicle without having to knock on the sidewalk or any other object in the road. It is a real challenge through different obstacles drive and park your vehicle in the space provided in the most skillful manner.

Every level, you must be guided by an efficient system that helps the turns and obstacles ahead. If this sounds a lot easier for you, go for the hardest way Xtreme 4x4. In this mode, there is no road to drive.

What's really good about Parking Challenge 3D apk is high quality graphics and sound system. The capabilities of the steering system, the strengthening of the management game, is also worth assessing. The Parking Challenge 3D apk is one of its kind with clever level designs, intuitive controls and easy to follow rules that make it simply perfect for anyone to play.


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