KMSmicro v3.11 BY Ratiborus for Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8 [Reupload]

KMSmicro v3.11 BY Ratiborus for Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8 [Reupload] | 160 MB
Activates VL version:
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (except Professional + WMC) | Office 2010 | 2013 

Local KMS server to activate Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions and Office 2010, Office 2013. The ability to use a stick. KMSmicro v3.11 contains a built-in tool to cheat meter activation (with offline MDL). Cheat meter is inside KMSmicro and has no effect on the activated computer. Contains directly the KMS and set cmd and reg-files to help in activation. To work on the project was joined by experts from the MDL forum. They are good programmers, and constantly improve the code of their programs. Feel free to use them in their work with the server..

KMSmicro v3.11 activate Microsoft Office 2013 Volume Edition Only [Not for retail]

After Succefully activate you get 180 days then repeat the activation there after.

Detail Instruction

1. Download KMSmicro v3.11

2. Run 0-0-KMSmicro-normal.bat start with admin privilege

KMS server starts for the first time there is a firewall warning, allow to wait for the server initialization is complete, enter the working interface, as shown below:

3. Select Run NetTime (T) as shown below:

4. Run one of the following cmd-file on behalf of the Administrator:

Office 2010 Activate.bat Office 2010-x32 & Windows-x32 or Office 2010-x64 & Windows-x64 Office 2010 (w64-o32) Activate.bat Office 2010-x32 & Windows-x64

Office 2013 Activate.bat Office 2013-x32 & Windows-x32 or Office 2013-x64 & Windows-x64 Office 2013 (w64-o32) Activate.bat Office 2013-x32 & Windows-x64.

4. If the end of a saw «<Product activation successful>», the product is activated / activating extended.

5. Close KMSmicro (S)
B. Activating if you did not installed Office 2013 yet:
1.Initial installation Office. If you just put the Office:
Start KMSmicro
2.Import the registry required data. Double-click on the file:
a. Office2010-Localhost.reg

when you install Office 2010;
b. Office2013-Win7-Localhost.reg

when you install Office 2013 on Windows 7;
c. Office2013-Win8-Localhost.reg

when you install Office 2013 on Windows 8.
Install Office | Visio | Project.
3.Run the application and check the status of activation. If you suddenly see that require activation, close the application, wait 1-2 minutes and check the status of the activation again. Rarely, but it happens. Usually the product is activated immediately after installation.
4.If the product is still not activated, go to the next section.
If activation fails
1. You are trying to activate the Retail version of the product
2. Wall / antivirus blocking communication
3. Expired meter unique activation requests. Check the status of input 10 to Office 2010 or Office 13 to 2013.
   Value «Current count» must be at least 4. If you see a lower value, so it is necessary to wind counters.
   But that's another story!
Changes in version 3.11:
  • "It has a built in tool cheat counters."
  • Cheat counter takes 1-2 minutes, and does not affect the activated computer.
Supported System
• Microsoft Office 2013
• Microsoft Office Visio 2013
• Microsoft Office Project 2013
• Windows 8 Enterprise
• Windows 8 Professional
• Microsoft Office 2010
• Microsoft Office Project 2010
• Microsoft Office Project 2010
• Windows 7 Enterprise
• Windows 7 Professional



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