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DVD Ranger is once again a pioneer in the DVD recording industry. Re-structured from top to bottom, the GUI usability and functionality works flawlessly, providing the best possible DVD copying experience.

The Pixbyte Laboratories have worked hard this year to come up with a brand new technology, essential for our new DVD Ranger generation - The LinkScanner Technology. Created using the latest video technologies, the LinkScanner Technology added to the DVD Ranger can perform a thorough scanning of any DVD and indicate the user any real streams/links or fake DVDs.
What a great way to save time and get straight to the high quality DVD experience! In addition, DVD Ranger the new generation features a new UI for better functionality and Xvid/DivX compression. Users have an expanded range of options, since the new DVD Ranger allows them to edit profiles and customize their DVD recording process. 

Main Functions
+ Backup DVD 1:1 on DVD9 or shrink the entire DVD to DVD 5.
+ Mobilize your DVD to, iPod, PSP, Zune and Netbooks.
+ Create ISO, burn ISO and backup from ISO.
+ Ability to backup just the main movie.
Key Features
+ One-Of-A-Kind - HotFix Manager. Fix the newest DVDs releases in just few seconds.
+ One-Of-A-Kind - BluRay Maker. Backup your DVD movies to BluRay. Up to 10 movies fit on a BluRay disk.
+ Best-Quality - DVD-Ranger delivers a unique quality experience.
Revolutionary creativity
DVD-Ranger comes with unique features that provide essential advantages to any users who want to obtain exceptional DVD copies. Based on the latest technology and a large knowledge base built over the years, Pixbyte Development has created a complete and highly functional copying software.
Exceptional time-value deliverables
With the latest version of the DVD-Ranger, there is no comparison between the time invested in making a DVD copy with DVD- Ranger and the impeccable quality you obtain. No other DVD copying application can burn DVDs faster while maintaining the level of quality and image clarity.
Featuring HotFix Manager and the Physxtech enhancements
DVD copying applications will never look the same after you try the new DVD-Ranger. Packed up with two powerful features, the DVD-Ranger outshines any competition. The HotFix Manager is a unique utility that allows you to create HotFix databases that are used by the DVD-Ranger for copying even the newest DVD releases, without requiring any updates. In addition, the Physxtech enhancements beats all image quality scores, using a complicated algorithm during the recompression process.
Quality end-user experience
Not only that the DVD-Ranger is a true asset for anyone interested in backing up their favorite video DVDs of all time or in creating detailed video DVD archives, but it also provides a quality end-user experience. Our copying software is easy-to-use, price convenient and reliable. DVD-Ranger will deliver you a unique experience when it comes to successful DVD copies, DVD to BluRay backups and many more. Easy to use it, it enables you to create top quality DVD copies in just a few steps!
Changes in DVD-Ranger 5:
New! – Clip Info cleaning for a better support of newest BD-Player and PS3
New! – Added M2TS padding for better compatibility
New! – Optimized movie only structure generation for PS3 and some sort of BD-Player
New! – Fixed Memory leaks and optimized memory footprint
New! – Removed unneeded content in “Movie Only” copy
New! – Added automated language selection for audio languages and subtitles
New! – Optimized VC-1 handling
New! – Blu-ray cross link (title, audio, subtitle) detection for “Full Remaster” mode
New! – Updated burn engine
New! – Optimized logging
New! – Integrated CinEx interface (For upcoming CinEx Module) 

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