10 Best Free News Apps for iPhone

Here are 10 best news apps for iPhone that are available for free on the iOS App Store. These free news apps let you stay informed with breaking news and latest headlines. To download any of these news apps, tap the app icon.

1. CNN App for iPhone- (iPhone only) It lets you access latest CNN headlines and news stories.
CNN App for iPhone

2. BBC News- (iPhone & iPad) The official BBC News app for iPhone and iPad.
BBC News

3. NYTimes- (iPhone only) Official The New York Times app for iPhone.

4. The Wall Street Journal- (iPhone & iPad) Official Wall Street Journal news app for iPhone.
The Wall Street Journal

5. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine- (iPhone & iPad) A beautiful and useful app for reading news on iPhone and iPad.
Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

6. The Verge- (iPhone only) Official app of The Verge app for iPhone.
The Verge

7. Thomson Reuters News Pro- (iPhone only) Official Reuters iOS app for iPhone.
Thomson Reuters News Pro

8. PressReader- (iPhone & iPad) Very useful universal iOS newspaper app with traditional look and feel.

9. Taptu - DJ your News- (iPhone & iPad) A social news reader that lets you connect Facebook, Twitter, RSS from Google Reader. It is available for iPhone and iPad for free.
Taptu - DJ your News

10. Pulse News for iPhone: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer- (iPhone only) A useful news apps for saving time, it puts newspapers, magazines, blogs, magazines and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Pulse & Flickr) in one place.
Pulse News for iPhone: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer

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